Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I began my morning this morning having a cup of coffee with this big fellow. Actually I drove up a road south of town and found him sitting along a mountain pond about 6:30 am. He is a big one and made for a most enjoyable subject while I finished off that cup I took with me. Later in the day it clouded up and this and many roads in our area become a quagmire of mud with a steady rain all day. We sure needed it as it has not rained in nearly a month.

I had started this Gouache Watercolor painting 14"x18" during Museum Days as a painting demonstration but it needed a lot of work by the end of the day last saturday so today I spent a great deal of time working on it. I think it is nearing completion.

I have added horses to the ranch scene. They need to be detailed a bit yet then it is decision time as to what else needs to be included.