Friday, January 23, 2009

The artist at work. My corner of the world. I do have a window to right, left and just to the right of working table where I have a bird feeder. Many feathered friends keep me company and at present 2 Pine Squirrells fight over who is king of the feeder. They have to climb up outside wall to access it. I have a deck off the studio and used to keep the feeder on it but Vicki complained about the mess brought on by the wind that seemed to blow it on over house roof to the front deck. From our dining and living room both we have a great view of the river as well as from my north studio window and deck. Fun to watch the critters who come by way of the river to pay their respects
The house and studio from bridge crossing the Wind River. Yep. There is great Trout fishing in there. Other wildlife frequenting the area are myrids of species of songbirds, Waterfowl, Wading birds. Eagles, Hawks and Owls. Mule Deer, Moose, Bear on occassion, Cougar once in a while. Have seen Bobcats and Coyotes in the yard. Heaven for a wildlife artist
My home on the Wind River. Had an inch of snow last night and it sure puts a clean look to the world. My studio is on the top floor with workshop and framing down below.