Monday, May 10, 2010

I have been given a few days reprieve from gallery duty and have been trying to get caught up on my picture framing and will for the next day too. I have been trying to get a photograph of this guy[gal]who has taken up residence on the big pond at the bridge to my house. I finally got a picture last evening. Will have to try more a little later this evening but it is snowing huge flakes right now and very wet out there.
I'm afraid this fellow may not last too long as most folks in the neigborhood don't like beavers and as soon as they notice one around they call in a trapper. I chicken wire all my trees up and figure if they cut the willows it simply lets them grow back in thicker than ever. We really enjoy going down to the bridge on moonlit nights and watch them going about their business. They are so industrious and real artists at what they do. I even a few years back wired up my immediate neighbors trees on my own but to no avail. People? Sure glad I ain't one?