Saturday, November 28, 2009

14"x18" Oil Painting
I have finished this painting after several days of work on it. It is from a stream SW of Dubois and one of the forks of the major tributary west of Dubois of the Wind River. A very special place and teeming with trout. So named for the warm springs that feed into the creek and are such that it keeps the Wind River from freezing during the winter for up to 15 miles east of town.
This is a great time to be reflective on what it means to be Thankful. We had a great Thanksgiving with my wifes parents the only family that was able to make the trip to Dubois. That didn't hinder the intake of food in the least. We were as stuffed as the turkey we stuffed. The weather was great for travel if even a little too mild for this time of year.
Reflecting back on this year it was a time when I could really say for sure that I had beaten cancer after a 5 year battle with my last surgery this past spring and even though I messed myself up with a nasty fall this fall my heel is healing and I will have the rods and pins removed this coming week. I still feel so fortunate with the health I have struggled with just in the fact that our God has blessed me with a wonderful family and I have been able to fight through things. Whenever I got a little down the past several years all I had to do is look at a number of others around me who are having a far tougher time than myself. We had a great year in our gallery and I have been able to make a living with my art for many years.
We held our annual Gallery Holiday Show yesterday and although attendance was down a little from previous years we had good sales. [Check out the Silver Sage Gallery blog]
Yes. I do have a lot to be THANKFUL for.