Friday, February 12, 2010

I have worked a few more hours on my Platte River gouache painting. It is coming along pretty slow but that is O K I am not in any hurry with this painting in that way. I didn't like the size of my Buck Deer against the cottonwoods so I spent most of my time enlarging him. I think it is looking a lot better now. I had taken a paper towel wet but not dripping and wiped out the deer and some of the immediate background. repainted him back in to the size I wanted paying close attention as to the wetness of the paint. I didn't want to get it very wet or work the paint at all or I would have picked up the underlying colors and it would have turned to mud. Is best to just put the paint on and leave it. If not right wait to let it dry and then another nearly drybrush application over that until I got it to where I want it-at least for now.