Friday, October 29, 2010

I spent some time working on my Moran Beaver Ponds painting. I raised the tree line on the left hand side and worked more on the islands as well as the Dam and Beaver house. I was hoping to finish it today but there is a building[repair]job on my studio that needs attention and the weather is a litle warmer and with my pardner offering to help...No I am not allowed to go to the lumber yard for material-alone anyway-as that is what led to my crushed foot last year. My wife has given strict orders to not go near high edges. LOL
I have worked further on my Grand Teton piece. Detailing from the left hand side. I have been fighting several things but have decided to finish detailing the right hand side and maybe what is bothering me won't seem so bad or at least see where I can make neccessary changes.