Saturday, November 21, 2009

18"X24" Oil Painting
I have been trying to decide just when this painting has been brought to completion. I have spent the last 4 or 5 days thinking it was only to go back and do a little more work on it. I think this should do it though.
Many times Elk can be found just off the hiway that runs the valley of Jackson Hole and it is a pleasure to watch Elk on the Antelope Flats area. Here a Bull courts his harem that he has gathered with much work and perseverance as evening approaches after a rain shower that has mists coming off the canyons that skirt Mount Moran. [Mount Moran was named after Thomas Moran the artist that accompanied one of the earliest scientific explorations to this area and Yellowstone and from this trip began the idea of National Parks that we so cherish in our country and world today.

16"X20" Oil Painting
I have just completed this oil that I have been painting off and on along with 5 other paintings the past few weeks. They all seem to be at the point of completion about the same time.
It seems that my blog comment has been discombubalated[is that a word?]Hopefully I have it fixed and do appredciate all comments on my work.