Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Other subject matter that is in the immediate area includes the nations largest Bighorn Sheep herd. Wolves and thousands of Elk also call Dubois home. Living on the River I have many songbirds and waterfowl just out my studio window. It all makes for the perfect life.

From my studio I have many visitors to accompany me as I go about my work. They are all a pleasant diversion. This cottontail has become a real welfare case and is waiting in the morning for his daily carrot. We began the winter with 4 rabbits around but with two neighborhood Great Horned Owls this little fellow[gal]is the lone survivor. Bobcats and coyotes are also a challenge from him and I have seen both around the yard. Have had a cougar now and then in the area but have not seen one around the immediate yard. Eagles and hawks are also visitors. Had a black bear a few years ago and a grizzly down river from us also several years ago. Mule Deer are frequent visitors and we used to have Moose as regular occupants up to about 5 or 6 years ago but with the incresased building with newcomers moving into our area that has changed. The new folks seem to love cutting the willows and other food and cover that wildlife need. Trying to get things just like it was back home. They love it here then try altering it. I don't understand their thinking.
I have gone back to work on my Cougar painting and spent most of the day detailing and adjusting values. After a few days of drying I will get to the detailing of the cougar himself.