Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spring has arrived in the high country with warmer night time temperatures and light rains other than snow falling nearly every day. We still have a good chance of seeing some snow by the end of the month which is normal but even with the mostly cloudy and very cool days folks are still kind of grumpy just because of mud in the mountains, high water, cool gray drippy skies and just hard to get into the back country. People have short memories as this is a yearly occurance. June is usually more miserable than May. But the leaves are about 75% out on the trees and the first wildflowers are now blooming and the wildlife as of this last week are being followed by their new born.
Thursday Vicki and I were invited up to Ring Lake Ranch for dinner that kind of kicks off their season along with volunteer groups who have come to help open the camp. It was great to visit with old and new friends. Dinner in the dining hall is always a treat looking out the large picture window across the cliff the building sits on, the lake below and the mountains and glacier above.
We were entertained by the fellow who is the new Grocery Store manager who is quite a violinist/fiddler and his mother who is a concert pianist. This fellow used to play some with several Nashville Bands . Just another one of the highly talented individuals who have found and call Dubois home.
this photo is of Torrey Creek from the bridge into the Ranch.

I have been working on this 11"x14" Oil Painting, Subalpine Stream off and on between several larger paintings for the past week. I will probably do some touch up yet but it is essentially done. I love these mountain streams that are found in the Sub alpine areas. They are past, for the most part, the tumultuous descent of falls and fast water and leisurly flow through mainly old growth forests on their way to join larger streams. Full of lush growth of grasses, sedges and wild flowers they are a quiet delight. And the same to paint.