Sunday, February 14, 2010

For all my friends out there in the Art Blogging world. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY
This old bronc is still waiting for me to get back into the saddle.

I spent the better part of Friday and some of saturday working on drawings for the Deer painting that I have been discussing. After all that time I sat back and looked at what I was doing and told myself that I was getting away from the story I wanted to tell. I had drawn the Deer too big for the painting making it a Deer Painting rather than Deer within a lasndscape looking for an escape route from an undetected danger. So I am back to drawing them smaller. Well. Maybe tomorrow I'll start. I have been also thinking about this old Cottonwood that is up on the East Fork. It has so much character and color in it from the fall two years ago. It is begging to be painted so this morning I have put a quick wash of Acrylic on a 11"x14" Canvas. I'm all ready thinking it should be a larger painting but I'll stick with it.
This morning started out overcast and snow flurries falling at 16 degrees. It has since cleared off and my wife is talking about going for a ride up country if I am up to it. I have been fighting a chest and head cold but Cabin Fever also. Sun is bright. Sounds like a plan to me. Back to the easle tomorrow.