Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just sat down with a cup of coffee when Russ who is the town paper delivery man came by with the Casper Star-Tribune-the state newspaper. Russ just lost his wife a month ago so it is good to see him back at work delivering. Vicki grabed the camera and caught me in a relaxed moment. Look. No crutch even. Hurts but I am persevering. Is only 35 degrees but got the paper read befor a breeze came up and got cold. So did the coffee.
While much of the state has been receiving snow since yesterday and in fact S E Wyoming is snowed in with road closures we are looking pretty good. We did have a couple of inches yesterday morning but you could not tell it now. My wife and I went out for breakfast this morning and as Vicki likes to walk the mile back home I drove up onto the hill above our house to check out the countryside. Here is the view, with yesterdays snow melted out, of the Ramshorn. I glassed all the country in a 360 degree view and could not find one elk or any critter for that matter. There are several wolf packs working in our area and they have the ungulate populations pretty scattered and laying low.
It is not that warm out but with no wind and the sun shining brightly my wife is out on our deck with her morning coffee. I do believe I will join her. Just too nice to be doing any work.
After working a while on my Big Horn Sheep challenge yesterday I was wasting time going through some old paintings wondering if there was any salvage to the pile and dug this oil painting out. After not looking at it for some time[years]I could definitely see why it had not sold at a gallery I had it in in Saratoga, Wyoming. Embarrassing. But with potential. So through the afternoon I reworked the whole thing keeping pretty much the drawing and mood I enhanced and freshened up the detail. Am now pretty happy with it.
It is from a series of lakes high in the Snowy Range in southern Wyoming and a favorite area of mine. I discovered a series of lakes from climbing up to bench to bench while exploring a mountain stream. Real adventures can be had by the unexpected finds along the way. How is it said? It is not the destination but the journey.
SNOWY RANGE LAKE Oil Painting 10"x15"