Monday, February 8, 2010

Our suffering to the winter weather woes are nothing compared to the rest of the country. We could really use some of the snow the rest of the country seems to be getting. This morning was cool at 8 degrees and overcast with low clouds and several flurries falling at the rate of a trace in two or three days if it keeps up that long. Early this morning my two welfare cottontails were waiting at the far end of the yard when I opened the door with a carrot for each. They are in full stampede to get their carrots. We have created monsters. Every now and then our resident Great Horned Owl thanks us for feeding those cottontails to make a nice fat meal for themselves. Natures way.
I am still in the thinking stage for my painting of the deer on the ridge line that I posted. I am leaning towards stacking them in an overlapping fashion up the hillside in a vertical format and as they were in the photographs I took, a little wary about what was going on. My thought is to pose them with the realization that something is not quite right and have them all peering in different directions trying to pinpoint where the danger is coming from. Next is to begin some sketches.