Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I spent some time working on my Gouache. getting the trees in and some forground water. I did sketch with paint the Buck Deer that I wanted along the cottonwoods.

This is a series of thumbnail sketches that I have done portraying various ideas for placement of the deer I have been discussing. I still like the idea of the deer climbing a steep ridgeline sensing danger from some undetected source so that they are looking everywhere as they slowly climb towards the timber at the top of the painting. In the photos I took for this idea there was a huge fallen Limber Pine but I am afraid it may be too much and to make it look right might take away from my story idea so I think I will just use trees instead. So it is the lower left sketch that I am leaning towards. I redid it a little at the bottom of page and now will go into more detail as far as sizing and placement of the deer still using paper but maybe to the size of the canvas it will all be done on. I'll try and get some of that worked out in the next day or two.
I worked all day on my PINNACLES STREAM Oil Painting working my way down towards the bottom building up my detailing as I go. Upon finishing I will still go back in and do touch up where appropriate to pull everything together. I didn't get to my Gouache as I had planned but feeling ever so guilty I did do a small Gouache that I posted on my painting-a-day blog. Not quite getting one-a-day. Guess I am having too much fun working on these larger pieces. Still working in my mind the Deer painting I have in my sub concious. I really am ready to start doing some sketches on it. Maybe I can get going on that today.
This is the day I get to go to the Dubois House of Horrors for continuing foot exercise. To heal they tell me I have to want to be in pain. Ouch!