Tuesday, November 30, 2010

With only a couple of hours to spare I ran up to the Bighorn Sheep range as I heard there were some large rams down. This is the season to witness their incredible fighting for dominance. I found only a small band way out on the meadow grazing with some browsing deer near the Glacier trailhead and did spot one big fellow way high on the ridge. I watched him traverse it for some time but all were too far away for pictures. It was a beautiful afternoon although pretty cool with a stiff wind blowing. The Ramshorn Peak over the Dubois badlands was an incredible late afternoon photo opportunity.

I also began work on this 12"x16" Oil Painting for the auction piece at next weeks show. I had a painting all ready to go but had an opportunity to sell it the other day so with only a week to go I jumped into this painting today.
I even took a couple of hours off to go up to the Bighorn Sheep range as I heard the big Rams are down.

I was back on my Elk painting again today working on the sagebrush. The grasses are still a little light in value for the rest of the painting so that will be the next step along with working again on the Elk themselves.