Friday, May 29, 2009

Today turned out to be the nicest day of the season and we at Silversage Gallery decided to have a barbeque out our back door next to the town Parking lot. We had picked up a brand new barbequer and I put it together and must have done a pretty good job as there were no parts left over. Some cooked chicken breasts and hotdogs and good friends and we were off. From left myself, Tom Lucas, Dan Miller peaking around the corner, my wife, Vicki, Tammy Lucas in the chair, Les LeFevre, and Chris Phelps. Les wife, Cathy was kind enough to take our picture.
Tom had a really great sales day but balked when I tried to change the menu from chicken to lobster.
We did shortly have to retire inside as we soon noticed a Mountain Bluebird pair were trying to build a nest in a hole in the cinderblock wall of the building just above the Barbequer. They were having a hard time trying to put up with our activity.