Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My pardner, Tom Lucas who lives in Lander 75 miles east of here parks his trailer in my yard to use when he is up doing his gallery sitting chores. His wife might be a litttle concerned this morning to see the water nearly up to the rear wheels of their trailer.

I do the weather measuring for the U S Weather Bureau. A volunteer job but I find it quite interesting. I recorded 0.99 inches of rainfall last night which is an awful lot of rain for this country. Along with the high flows from snowmelt it really is high now. Have had several calls from Weather Bureau this morning to check things out and they tell me this is now in the top 10 for runoffs since records have been kept. Thank goodness a lot of what is falling in the mountains is snow which will keep things slowed down now. It is only 40 degrees here this morning and will be cold the next few days. I was to take the weather tape out of that machine that is right at the edge of the water but I think I will wait another day.

The inevitable has happened. We received 0.99 inches of rain last night and it has not helped with the high water from snow melt still going on. This picture is from the side of my house looking across my fence to Cowboy Robs picknic area. Cowboy Rob is receiving a real Baptism this morning.