Wednesday, March 10, 2010

24"x30" Oil Painting
I am off on my painting and have brushed in color mostly to cover up the white and to give me a sense opf where I want to go. Being on a ridge line the right or west side has melted out snow from more direct influence from the sun while the left side will be mostly snow and in shadow. It also serves to give contrast to the deer as they are painted in. Still playing around with the top part of the timber just trying to decide how I want it to read. Also put in another east side of snow towards the top for design and to break up the grasses I will have there.
This is definitely the worst point to show off a painting as folks will think that fool doesn't know what he is doing. Ahh. The scribble phase.
I have gone back to my Painting-a-Day blog and going to try and be a little more consistent on doing something nearly every day. For 2 days now I am good.