Monday, July 28, 2008

Wyomings state flower the Indian Paintbrush is at its peak along with Lupine which is blooming everywhere in the montains and forms a perfect frame for Kitten Creek. Sneaking up to the edge of the creek I watch cutthroat trout lazily drifting with the slow current
I took an afternoon off last week and did a little hiking along Kitten Creek off Union Pass road. The wild flowers were magnificent and I jumped 2 cow elk. This one waited around awhile while I got some good reference photos.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

this is another recently completed painting. Brooks Lake Creek is an 18"x24" Gouache watercolor. Brooks Lake Creek is a mountain stream found nw of Dubois, Wyoming. It is easy fishing and where I took nephews, nieces and my kids fishing. It was a great stream to teach kids how to fish. And it is a beautiful area.
I got a little wild with this painting. Indian Paintbrush, the Wyoming State flower. Is actually a parasite and the red is leaves while the flower part is a very inconspicuous green. Like a Poinsetta. I thought a reddish background with its sagebrush host would make an interesting painting. 8"x10" Oil.
This is a recent 18"x24" Oil Painting that I did for the WRVAG Show which won an honorable mention in the oil category. It is a scene depicting Boedicker Butte on Horse Creek north of Dubois, Wyoming. early season snow squalls are crossing the Absarokas cloaking the mountains in the first signs of approaching winter. This can happen any time after mid September.
It has ben a pretty hectic month and I have fallen behind a little on posting.
The gallery has been very busy which means long hours and lots of work. I was in Saratoga. Wyoming for the annual Upper Platte Valley Art show which was held in their new Art Center. It is quit a building and very well designed and a great place for a show. They had cut the show down to just one day and began it on the evening of the 4th with the quick-draw that same evening. I think that hurt the show and the attendance for that evening. Folks really came out on the 5th though. I was the featured artist and they used one of my paintings for this years poster. I won a merit award on the judging. For Landscape which was for the painting, Sheep Mountain posted earlier on this site. Had several sales and my quick draw went very well.
From Saratoga we went on down to Golden, Colorado to replenish the Spirits in the Wind Gallery that handles my work. Check them out. It is a nice gallery located in the heart of downtown Golden and is run by some really wonderful people. Also got to see some family down that way in Granby and in Golden. Nice long day trip.
The National WRVAG Show is now going on. It is a judged show and what with the gallery in full swing I entered several paintings at the last minute. I did win an honorable mention in the oil division but really should not have entered as I pretty hastily entered what I didn't think was my best things, wanting to save them for my own gallery.