Monday, July 6, 2009

A single wild Rose
This fragile little blossom is reminescent of the watercolors so masterfully done by Jaqueline Gnott. Check out her blog and see if you don't agree with me.
The indians refered to this time of the calendar as the month of Wild Roses. It is aptly named as the river bottoms are alive with the beauty and scent of these thorny but beautiful flowers. My yard is certainly adorned with these beauties.
My river has dropped the last few days and I can now even see underwater my favorite rock for sitting on as I watch river life flow by and happen. By now that is possible but gonna be a while yet this year.
I think I have pretty well finished this painting, HIDDEN BUCK 24"x30" Gouache Watercolor and in time for the National WRVAG Show coming up in a few weeks.