Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It has been a pretty wild month. Lots of cold and we are going to have a white Christmas. Dec. 12 and 13 I was in Torrington for the Annual 2-Shot Goose Hunt. It is a great time to be had for all and one of my favorite shows to do. I have always sold well there and have won several Purchase Awards over the years but never the top purchase award. Sales were terrible through most of the show until the last night banquet when awards were handed out. I finally did it. I won the top purchase award. That kinda got the ball rolling. Will never understand how that happens but after winning an award it seems like your work is sudddenly in demand. Oh well. I'll go along with it. By nights end I had sold 2 major paintings and another midsize watercolor.
The show always has a quick draw on opening night and I along with my gallery pardner Tom Lucas, took top earnings with our respective 45 minute paintings. This photo is of me discussing my piece depicting a grove of sun struck Aspens to a potential bidder shortly after completing the Gouache watercolor painting.
The Banquet night also sports an auction of art that each artist is required to submit. We do receive 50% of the proceeds fromn that auction and again both Tom and I tied for top money. That all makes for a great show and again a great time. They sure treat you good there and the food is worth going for even if an artist never sold a thing.
We did pack out in a raging blizzard and half of the trip back home was not fun.
On the 14th I went into the Lander hospital for a hernia surgery and am just now getting back to some semblance of normal. All I can say about recuperating is it is very boring. Once this thing heals up pretty well I am looking at my last surgery from Cancer complications in Denver probably 2 months from now. It has been a long 3 1/2 years but the end is in sight.