Saturday, March 21, 2009

I havn't been posting any new work recently and many are wondering what happened to the Deer through the Aspens I have been progressing on. Things went a little haywire here for the time being. I finally went to Denver for the operation that was inevitable. This is supposed to be the last of what has been an ordeal for 3 1/2 years. I sure hope so. It was a pretty miserable trip back home but we survived it. Don't know if Vicki was more stressed out about the drive up I25 to Wyoming or putting up with a sick patient. She is the real thing and did a great job. About last saturday I was wondering if I was on my way to heaven or what and can't believe how much better I am doing this saturday. Still a little sore but really bored and trying to figure out how to get in just the right position to push a paintbrush. I think I could get started on some small watercolors if nothing else. Sure gonna try it in the next few days. My pardner, Chris Phelps says there are a ton of elk all around her place right now. Maybe if I drove by doing ? ? Probably not but it is an enticement.
Good news though. PEAKS AND PLAINS magazine which is a magazine the airline industry puts out want to do a 3 page story on me. It is a quarterly magazine and features stories and photos of various tourist related places around the country. I think that will be pretty cool.