Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I mentioned I had spent the better part of a month on the Indian Paintbrush Painting. In between times of working on it just to keep my sanity I have worked on a few other pieces such as the stream and Monkey flower piece I posted the other day. I also have been working on several Arizona desert paintings such as this 12"x16" Oil Painting I call "Arizona Sunset"
Finally finished. It has been a pretty steady month working on this oil painting of INDIAN PAINTBRUSH 24"x30". At least I think I am finished with it. I'm sure after a few days of observation I will be doing some tune up.
It is to be my entry for the Casper Petroleum Club Art Show. It is due for jurying later in February but I wanted to finish it to display in a local show just to show off and maybe get some feedback and comments on by the general public. I actually am doing two different pieces using Indian paintbrush and will decide which one I want to actually submit after I finish the 2nd piece. It is Indian Paintbrush but with rocks and Bluebells to spice up the color. Will post it when finished. May be a few weeks.