Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is the first time Tom has been on top of the rim and he agrees that I have shocked and awed him by the experience as I promised. He spent some time with the glasses searching out the wonders of the glacial carved Torrey valley below. The remnants of the fast dissapearing glacier can be seen on the skyline. That canyon below in the granite contains some of the most beautiful glacial lakes, cascades and waterfalls I have ever seen.
Passing within yards of Bighorn Sheep. We counted 13 Rams all sunning themselves in the rocks and brush. There are ten in this picture. We lost count on the number of Elk we jumped up and saw through glasses grazing on distant mountain parks. On top of the Rim we spotted several other bunches of both Rams and Ewes on the mountainside

My gallery pardner, Tom Lucas and I did manage to get out this morning and climb up onto Torrey Rim south of Dubois. With a hot cup of coffee in hand and in 4-wheel drive we chugged our way up the mountain passing many deer, elk and Bighorns on the way. With the early morning sun shining on mountains, glaciers, and wildlife everywhere we are sure we were truely blessed to participate in Natures show. It is inspirations like this that get the creative juices going. One can't help but want to get back to the easle and get that paintbrush going.
I am back to spending a great deal of time painting and concentrating mostly on my Gouache paintings. I have just finished this 18"x24" watercolor of the Grand Teton, GRAND LIGHT. It is for sale and if interested in it please contact me through or my e-mail at