Sunday, May 23, 2010

I think I am pretty well finished with this painting but will probably study it a while befor I make any final determinations. I have really fought the trees that are in the center and maybe I have them too centralized and tht is bothering me. We'll let it sit awhile. Maybe some gremlins will come by and take care of it?
I have returned after a great trip of about 1500 miles trading out gallery paintings and even picked up a new gallery in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Deselms Gallery.
Our trip included taking Vicki's folks to Cheyenne where her stepdad was to fly out to Washington D C with the Honor Guard program. This is the 3d flight with another scedualed in September. It is to honor World War II vets for their service. There were 90 Wyoming fellows and 3 women honored and who departed on Tuesday morning. These folks are all in the 85-95 year age range and it was an experience to witness. They flew to D C where they are honored for service and spent the better part of two days touring the War memorials and seeing sights in our Capitol. I have never seen Bob[Vicki's dad] so excited nor her mother more nervous about his trip. A guardian is assigned to every three people who takes them in tow. The other two fellows with Bob were in wheel chairs and after the trip his guardian was telling me it was hard to keep track of Bob as she was hindered with them and Bob is so mobile and spry he was everywhere. He explained to me that he wanted to see all he could see. They were all sent off from Cheyenne after speeches and ceremony by the Governor, Military Brass and various state dignitaries. I was impressed with the whole program. Every state is doing this and if you know of any Vet from your state I would encourage you to check into the program.
During the two days Vicki, her mother and myself did our tour through northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Dodging heavy rains and mixed snows the whole way. What a spring.
I worked on my deer yesterday quite extensively detailing out the rest of the forground and on the deer themselves. An easy task as it was a cold day[again]and snowing most of the day. No I have not forgotten the Bucks antlers but will get back onto it right away. I am really close to finishing this one off.