Thursday, May 21, 2009

View from the other side. This is approximately 6"x6"

Clay himself is a very talented artist. This is a recently completed Rainbow Trout busting out from Pond Lilies. Clay has a technique of using transparent colors on his patinas that he developed and works pretty nicely on a number of pieces. He had a Rodeo Clown series each with a different color scheme using those tranparent colors that made a pretty awesome presentation.
Our youngest daughter is a R N in the Lovell, Wyoming Hospital about 20 miles from where they live on the Wyoming-Montana border. She is in charge of the Emergency room. Her husband, Clay Ward runs a finishing studio where he does welding and patina work on bronzes mostly for J Michael Thomas who is one of the premier western bronze artists in America today. This is a monument that Clay is currently working on. The missing arm will be holding a hat with water dripping out for a drink. The smaller versions has a pond of water with the water then running out from the hat. I'm sure this will too. It will be installed in the town of Buffalo, Wyoming. Check out Michaels bronzes through Silver Sage Gallery blog or our web site, He is an amzzing artist.
It was also fun to have our daughter from Pine Haven, Wyoming[near Devils Tower] to come and bring our Great grand daughter, Evie Anna. She is a real charmer and all girl so it was fun to lift her over into the sheep pen and catch her reaction to getting a little do do on her shoe. She thought it was all great though.
We are pretty proud of Calli. She graduated salutorian of her class. Missing straight A's by receiving a B in Art class one semester. Seems she was in a disagreement with the teacher over some art project.??
She of course had to address the audience and did a great job. She also has 3 scholarships under her belt and plans on going into Radiology.
I have now gone to oil and worked on this this afternoon. I changed several of the deer on the right hand side and moved a buck out in the open. After I shot this pix I decided the deer back in the opening was in a terrible place as it commanded too much attention and messed up my size look for the three deer way back on the left side.
I had to put away my paints for a few days as Vicki and I drove up to Frannie, Wyoming NE of Cody, Wyoming where our daughter lives to attend our granddaughters high school graduation. A very worthwhile endeavor.