Thursday, January 7, 2010

I think I have finished my vertical Grand Canyon painting. Still spending some time looking at the light colored hill in left side just below middle. The actual geology consists of a change from iron tinted red hillside to the yellowish color. I liked it in my reseach as it balanced out the whiter colors of the limstone faces on the horizon. Now I'm not sure. Maybe I am being a little too hard on my judgement?
Went to my Therapy Doc this morning and took my first steps without crutches yesterday. Painful but I did it. Was a cold morning to be out in moccasins at -26 but the sky is blue after 3" snow yesterday. Off to Casper today to see my regular Doc and x-rays tomorrow to see how the heel is healing. Hope the roads aren't too slick as it is 200 miles of hiway driving.