Friday, September 18, 2009

Heiner Hertling working from a model who posed with his saddle and full cowboy outfit. The kids were pretty impressed with the whole day.
Other instructors were David Rankin and Mort Solberg, watercolorists. Nancy Foreman, Janene Grande and others with expertise on promotion and marketing.

Master artist, John Seerey Lester working on an oil depicting a male Lion.

Wanda Mum, who I have known as a wonderful wildlife artist in past years is working on a Landscape. Another beautiful job.

Jeannie McKenzie, another artist I have known for years is a well known national workshop teacher and here is working on one of her oils. A beautiful winter scene.

Mark Kelso, well known Landscape painter working on a beautiful painting of a waterfall.
The Susan Black Workshops are continuing this week and I thought it would be fun to post some of the instructors who are here this year.
Lee Cable, whom I have known and showed with in shows in past years and even accompanied on a pack trip a few years ago is a favorite every year as his wife, Pam is the head honcho of the workshops.
Yesterday the school had all their students at the Headwaters Center to watch as the instrutors did demonstrations for their and the workshop participants to watch and ask questions. Each workshop participant then took one student and worked with them during the day as a mentor. I think it was extremely beneficial to all involved.
Lee is doing an oil here of one of his horses. He works in Water Oils and does a marvelous job of it.

I have finished my Oil Painting BEAR CREEK SEASON 18"x24" that I have been working off and on for a month now. I love this area in the fall as it is spectacuar with Cottonwood, Aspen, Pine and Spruce that offers such high contrasts.