Saturday, June 12, 2010

I had posted this painting, Monsoon Colors, on my Painting-A-Day blog earlier this year and had entered it for consideration for the Masters In Miniature, C M Russell National
Art Show in Great Falls, Montana. I received word today that it had been chosen for the show. That is an honor and the second time I have made that prestigious show. It will be held in September.

I have also been working on this gouache watercolor painting the past few days off and on. It is hopefully a mountain stream with water falling over rocks. A ways to go yet so don't give me a hard time yet on the rock that presently looks so contrived and uninteresting. I will get there. While in Yellowstone thursday I stopped to give my artist friend, Jim Reed who you will find painting in the Old Faithful Lodge a bad time. I have known Jim many years and he is an amazing Gouache artist. With that in mind and after a long visit with him I am determined to again hit my gouaches pretty hard.

I have been working on this 12"x24" Oil Painting on linen the past few days and am getting close to finishing it. A little touch up here and there and the forground should do it. RAMSHORN PEAK

Just spent several days in Yellowstone and though I took my paints with me, Vicki and I had more fun looking for and photographing wildlife including this very strangly colored Grizzly that came up out of a draw too close for comfort to me. I will be posting some of our incredible adventures that we had on my Outdoor Adventure Blog in the next few days.