Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I had intended on getting to work on my Deer drawing for the painting we have been talking about but after a Clinic visit this morning with the anti-biotics they put me on I just didn't feel up to something like that which takes a lot of perseverance to get the drawings right-so I piddled around on this all afternoon and have finished my water and the back brush a little. Even more leaf structure in the trees.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon and this morning working on this painting, COTTONWOODS ON THE EAST FORK. It is 11"x14" Oil Painting on canvas. I still have another sitting on it bringing out a few more darks and lights in the trees and still not too happy with the ridge in the background.
My wonderful feeling chest cold was about to get to me so I made a little trip to the Dubois Clinic where I got checked out and some anti biotics prescribed. Nice thing about a little place like Dubois is getting checked out by folks you have known for years. Michelle, the nurse was trying to remember if it was Mollasas or Ginger cookies that were my favorite? or if there was a difference. I don't think so so I have a promise from her of getting a home delivery of Ginger cookies. The PA remembered what I was given two years ago for a bad cold and prescribed the same hoping it will work out again. He has a good memory. Now if it will work? Wonder how long it takes Michelle to make Ginger cookies?