Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I finally received my WESTERN ART COLLECTOR magazine and the photograph of myself doing the quick-draw at the Jackson Hole Fall Art Festival in Jackson, Wyoming at the town square. This event is held every September and it is usually snowing or a cold rain falling. Makes for a really fun event though as the auction is lively and prices are outstanding. My piece in this picture went for $2,750.00. A new record for me in a quick-draw. We are given 1 hour to complete our paintings and 15 minutes to frame them up. [I think they should hold it every day]
This has been a pretty cool Birthday as I received both the Peaks and Plains magazine with my article and this magazine today. Along with the T V event last weekend. Makes being 68 almost tolerable even though I am sure I am now over the hill and sliding so fast I can't grab the trees going by.

The article can be read by clicking onto the image.
I had posted this pix in my Painting-A-Day blog but wanted to post the article as it appeared in Peaks And Plains magazine just out. It is always a great deal when someone thinks enough of your work to want to do a story on you so for the story or my own ego-Here it is.
I have also had several e-mails from artist friends who say my picture painting at the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival is in the current issue of the Western Art Collector magazine. Somehow my subscription to this magazine has expired and I missed it. It is one of my favorites so will have to rectify that as soon as possible.