Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have just finished this 8"x10" Oil Painting that I call "Monkey Flowers at Lakes edge".
This is a very beautiful wildflower that likes wet areas such as along this lake edge or along mountain streams. It also comes in a yellow variety and are often found growing together creating a tapestry of color for stream beds.

Finally a break in the weather. It has quit snowing and as of noon today it is above zero. +8 in fact. Funny how zero seems warm after so many days of below zero including -23 last night at 9:00pm. It must be because of our bodies climitizing?? That is the great thing about Wyoming. So cold one day and along comes a chinook[warm wind]that changes things right away. This little fawn who is enduring his[her]first Wyoming winter does not seem too impressed though. I just did photograph it outside my living room window.