Friday, March 26, 2010

I thought being as I am about to get real busy with opening the gallery and have to go to Montana for the next 4 or 5 days beginning sunday-this would be a good time to offer a new Wildlife Art challenge of this Cow Moose I took last spring. Thought it might be fun to work on a backlit animal. So have at it. I have posted it to a size that by clicking onto it-you can copy a large image of this old girl. When you are finished I hope you will send me a copy of your art to post on my blog as we did with the Bighorn Ram. If this goes like it seems to be going I am going to have to begin a new blog. It is fun though to put everyones submission together just to see how everyone interpretes what I am posting.
16"x20" Oil Painting
This view of Hallett Peak is from the road to Bear Lake. In modern times you must take a bus to get to the Lake. It is a case where the area has been loved to death and now they are trying to control access to this area. It is a very beautiful area with some great hikes into Loch Vale and west into the lakes immediately below Hallett. Another day or two I should be finished with both this painting as well as the Moraine Park painting.
In the past week while I have been working on my Deer painting I have worked on several other Oils while the deer was drying. This is a view across Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. As a teenager our pastor had a cabin on Fall River at the edge of Estes Park and we often went there for a week at a time. I had the opportunity to explore Rocky Mountain and later as newly married, my brother, the friend we grew up with and our wives were still able to stay in the cabin. What a life. In more recent years I had the opportunity to illustrate a guidebook on the park. An endeavor I am really proud of. I still love painting the area. Across Moraine Park, 15"x20" Oil Painting