Thursday, May 28, 2009

As I
drove up into my yard this evening I was greeted by several deer. They merely looked me over and only this little fawn from last year even bothered to get up and nonchalantely checked out the ground for spring morsels. They are pretty rugged looking at this time of year.
I ended up the first part of the week doing picture framing for a rancher out east of town so it really feels good to get back behind the easle in the gallery. Things are beginning to get busy and there are a lot of interruptions but it is fun meeting and visiting with folks from all over the world. Especially today where we had a great sales day.
I have started this large sheet watercolor 22"x28" as my deer painting is still not dry enough to work on and I got a little excited about starting this instead of the Owl I had started[see posting somewhere down my blog]and should be trying to finish up. And it is keeping me from working on a commission I should be doing but can't seem to get started on.