Friday, May 22, 2009

I am letting the oil of the Deer dry for a few days and in the meantime I dug out this painting that had an unfinished sky and no landscape and spent the day working on it. I painted on it at the gallery and it was a chore as we are suddenly busy with the tourist season seemingly in full swing. A lot of interuptions and talking with a lot of folks from all over the country. Had one gentleman and his wife who were wildlife photographers fromn Florida who were kind enough to leave some money at the gallery. They were showing us on our gallery computer some of their photography and it was amazing. Any wildlife artist would be crazy not to drool over some of their material.
By this evening I am declaring this painting finished. It is an 18"x24" Oil and depicts the country just east of Encampment, Wyoming on the Wyoming-Colorado border. Guess I must have done pretty well as we had another couple in the Gallery talking with my pardner, Tom Lucas about filming him for an upcoming film on indian archeology and wanted Tom to demonstrate some of his indian artifact skills. Anyway they are from Encampment and she was delighted to recognize the scene as being about a mile east of their place. I call it PLATTE VALLEY SKIES