Monday, June 16, 2008

Our 3d anniversary Open House Show was a tremendous success. We are now busy rearranging art on the walls to cover up empty holes. Just the thing you want to see in a gallery. We estimate well over 200 people in attendance and it may be closer to 300. Pictured here are the gallery pardners, left to right, Tom and Tammy Lucas, Chris Phelps, Vicki and Gary Keimig, Verna and Bud Boller. That chocolate cake buried in Strawberries was a surprise for us-ordered by our daughter Kim. It was day befor my birthday and week befor both Vicki and Chris so it had all our names on it. Was a real favorite being loaded with cholesterol.
This is another recently completed painting 18"x24" Oil. I love doing cloud scapes and this was for the show in Saratoga but was bought off the easle by some really great folks who came into the gallery in Dubois. It is of Platte River Valley at Saratoga, Wyoming.
I have been pretty busy with my painting as I have a show in saratoga, Wyoming coming up the 4th. Then on to Golden, Colorado to trade out paintings at the Spirits of the Wind Gallery. Not to mention the 3d Anniversary Open House
at our gallery here in Dubois. It was a great event and sales were very good.
This is an 18"x24" Oil Painting for the Colorado Gallery, Sheep Lake, depicting a view just inside Rocky Mountain Natl Park near Estes Park.
This painting won the Landscape Award at the Saratoga Wyoming show and is now offered for sale through the Spirits in the Wind Gallery in Golden, Colorado