Monday, April 5, 2010

I am not going to get much painting done for a few days as we are in the process of getting the gallery open for the season. Tom and Tammy are back from the Arizona show and are rehanging their gallery wall. Today we rehung Tom's wall and mine. Tomorrow we will begin work on rehanging other artists. We are moving things around a little and building a new Bronze display shelf which will be pretty nice. What with rehanging and some new touch ups it will give the Gallery a fresh look for the season. In spite of snow falling outside and winter storm warnings for tomorrow we even had a few folks in.
By popular demand here is Rudy the barking pig. The wagon is one my folks had at the ranch that we used to neighbor in [for the most part]when I was just a little fellow. It was miles to a neighbor made closer by this horse pulled freight wagon. it had been in early stages of disrepair and I had begun to try and restore it when Clay, my son-in-law took it upon himself to finish the job.

I asked my daughter to send me a picture of the fountain with the cowboy. I will ahve to ask her where this is installed as I don't know. The one I had seen featured this cowboy [smaller version]with a bronze background of waterfalls over rocks and water pouring out over the hat back into a small pool that the horse was standing in. I had not seen this particular one.