Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just to invoke a little humor into my blog. The caption on this photo that I took the other day seems to have the Bighorn Ewe saying, "Hey fellas, Could you open the gate for me" She could actually walk 30 feet to either side where there is no fence.
The camp in Torrey valley was once known as the Audubon Camp of the west as they held educational camps here for years . School teachers, biologists, archeologists and nature enthusiasts now do camps and courses here. Run by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission.
I have just posted a series of winter sheep photos on my OUTDOOR ADVENTURE BLOG from this great day in the field
For all those folks who gave me so much direction on how I should matt the Platte River Island I'll let you know I did change out the one shown on my post and opted for a kind of ochre color that really did it right. I think it was the perfect choice.
I also have been spending some time the last couple of days working on drawings for my deer painting I have been discussing some posts back. Struggled with the size relationship to the landscape but I think I am finally on to something.

12"X24" Oil Painting
I started this painting as I have been recently doing-with an underpainting of Acrylic just to get my main masses and a little bit of direction down as to where I might want to go with this painting depicting a mountain Stream NW of Dubois. It is a small side stream that flows into Brooks Lake Creek which is itself a great stream where I used to take my kids and nephews and nieces fishing as it was fairly easy for anyone to catch fish there and the kids loved it. I love to do cross country skiing in the area myself. I have now begun painting with oils at the top and down the left side trying to infuse light back behind the trees that is currently a dark blob. I want to have them in shadow and further down I will have light crossing the snow as if the early morning sun is just breaking through the lasndscape. The stream will course its way towards the painting bottom. Will be playing with that light as I go.
I have another snow scene I want to do in Gouache so I will be posting that in next day or so and will continue to do so as I progress with it.