Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finished. Have cleaned up my mess and the Museum folks have all come by and given their approval. Blaze is wagging his tail so guess he is O K with it too. Thanks to Andrea who has dogged my progress with my camera. Had asked her to take an occassional picture as the day went on. She has taken 50 pictures. When an artist has as much paint on himself as on the painting it has turned out O K. The finished display will have moulding put in, a glass front and mounted fish hanging against the front of the mural. It will consist of the 6 trout species found in our area as well as a Grayling and White Fish. I have silhoueted a whitefish just to my right just above the log. It should look pretty neat when put together. I have done a number of backgrounds for the museum over the years including eco-system murals which are the various fauna and flora of our region as they exist in different elevational life zones. I had painted 3 of them almost 20 years ago and am after the powers that be to add 2 more. A Riparian Zone and a Prairie Zone. It really needs to be done to finish their natural history area. The other zones I completed were Alpine, Subalpine, Montaine

I have painted myself into the corner but am getting close to the finish.
After lunch I put the acrylics aside and go to Oil paint. I pretty well have the fish in and detailing begun on the log and rocks.
I pretty well get the log and rocks I want in the mural by noon. I also have my first fish that is merely a silhouette painted in.

I had a constant art critic who occassionaly voiced his opinion about the whole procedure. Blaze, the Museum pappilon mascot

Today I had quite a project, painting a background at the Dubois Museum for a fish display. It is approximately 4'x12'. I began by putting in a rather streaky background coloring using Acrylic Paint which I just hate working with as it dries so fast and I am used to working the paint.