Thursday, March 20, 2008

My painting for the day is a summer evening scene of Grand Teton. It is 5"x8" watercolor. An area close to home and a favorite to visit for myself and millions of others from around the world. If you are interested in purchasing this painting-please visit my gallery website at
Spring does not really exist in our area. If it does it is on July 5th then summer begins July 6. I know this is a fact when I see snow falling on most July 4th's. This year is no exception. Global warming and all. I have been hitting it pretty hard between painting and working at some remodeling projects at my gallery, Silver Sage Gallery in Dubois. My wife and I did take some time off to go for an afternoon hike yesterday along the East Fork River N E of Town. Although we were dressed in winter attire and even felt the wind chill along the cottonwood bottoms of the river it was pleasant to just get out and see what is happening. Lots of Mule Deer around and signs of Elk that spent some time here this past winter. We even carried bear spray just in case. Grizzlies are just coming out of hibernation and it is good insurance to have that with you. Lots of beaver sign in the area and it is interesting to see how they are contributing to the ecological well being of the river bottom. By the time we leave the clouds are thickening and snow showers are falling on both the Wind River mountains to the south and the Absarokas to the north. During the night we do get an inch. Not much but a gentle reminder that winter is sure a lot closer than Spring?