Thursday, January 29, 2009

This has nothing to do with the pros or cons of welfare but thought you would enjoy one of my critics around the studio. We have anywhere from 2[up to 7 of these cottontails in some years] who wait patiently every morning for their welfare handout which consists of carrots. We have only 2 this winter. Our resident Owls have a lot to say about how many there are. It has gotten to the point that when we step out the door these little beggars nearly mug us for a carrot. Oh well. They are good company and make pretty good friends
Upon my good friend Gingers advice I have made the changes she suggested. I yellowed up the mid sky and blended in a purple to the top. Anybody with suggestions are extremely welcome to join in. Working my Arizona series from photos I took several years ago will not take the place of doing pleine aire painting.
Thanks Ginger.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I mentioned I had spent the better part of a month on the Indian Paintbrush Painting. In between times of working on it just to keep my sanity I have worked on a few other pieces such as the stream and Monkey flower piece I posted the other day. I also have been working on several Arizona desert paintings such as this 12"x16" Oil Painting I call "Arizona Sunset"
Finally finished. It has been a pretty steady month working on this oil painting of INDIAN PAINTBRUSH 24"x30". At least I think I am finished with it. I'm sure after a few days of observation I will be doing some tune up.
It is to be my entry for the Casper Petroleum Club Art Show. It is due for jurying later in February but I wanted to finish it to display in a local show just to show off and maybe get some feedback and comments on by the general public. I actually am doing two different pieces using Indian paintbrush and will decide which one I want to actually submit after I finish the 2nd piece. It is Indian Paintbrush but with rocks and Bluebells to spice up the color. Will post it when finished. May be a few weeks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is a watercolor painting that I actually did in 1997. The Art Center director in Lander, Wyoming told me several months ago that she ran across 2 paintings of mine in the dark recesses of storage at the Art Center. I didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about. I certainly didn't remember ever having the paintings there and for what reason? Anyway I finally stopped by there and sure enough there they were. I remember having the work and guess I never missed it but still don't know the circumstances of how they came about being there. This little Watercolor Gouache of Trumpeter Swans 8"x10"I thought was a nice little piece and worthy of putting on my blog.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I have been working on a series of Wildflower Paintings. I have just finished this 16x20 Oil I call MOUNTAIN STREAM. It is more about the boulders and stream than the flower pieces I am working on but is so typical of the headwater streams of our area. Boulders, Willows and small cascading streams. When I first started the painting I was fighting the left side as I felt it needed something of interest and finally settled on the pink Monkey Flower so prevalent in this environment.
It is years end and my wife Vicki who is a brilliant book keeper for the local lumber yard in Dubois is indespensible for the Silver Sage Gallery in doing their books. She is pretty busy these days getting the Gallery taxes ready for that wonderful day, April 15. Sure is messing up her weekends.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The artist at work. My corner of the world. I do have a window to right, left and just to the right of working table where I have a bird feeder. Many feathered friends keep me company and at present 2 Pine Squirrells fight over who is king of the feeder. They have to climb up outside wall to access it. I have a deck off the studio and used to keep the feeder on it but Vicki complained about the mess brought on by the wind that seemed to blow it on over house roof to the front deck. From our dining and living room both we have a great view of the river as well as from my north studio window and deck. Fun to watch the critters who come by way of the river to pay their respects
The house and studio from bridge crossing the Wind River. Yep. There is great Trout fishing in there. Other wildlife frequenting the area are myrids of species of songbirds, Waterfowl, Wading birds. Eagles, Hawks and Owls. Mule Deer, Moose, Bear on occassion, Cougar once in a while. Have seen Bobcats and Coyotes in the yard. Heaven for a wildlife artist
My home on the Wind River. Had an inch of snow last night and it sure puts a clean look to the world. My studio is on the top floor with workshop and framing down below.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The past several weeks while recuperating from a hernia surgery [yuck] I have taken on a little project of doing sunrises and early morning jaunts in my pickup just within a few miles of town. I have spotted 4 different elk herds and have had fun following them with the binoculars. This doe and last years fawn were catching the first mornings sun rays yesterday morning.
I have taken a little time off my painting and became a carpenter by remodeling and building cabinets in my studio. I have that project pretty well under control and yesterday got back to the brush. I can finish up my project by doing a little every day. I'll post a pix when I have it pretty well finished.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is a scene from up on the South Fork of Shoshone River south of Cody, Wyoming. A favorite area of mine to paint and I was really happy with the way it came out so was planning to submit it for jurying to the Powell Show. But. A lady and a good collector of mine came by about the time I was finishing it up and bought it . So. Being as how the deadline for the painting was Wednesday the 31st. I opted to submit a painting of Mule Deer that I had at the gallery. This was an Oil Painting, 14"x18".
For the second year I have been invited to submit a painting for jurying into a show in Powell, Wyoming which is just north of Cody, Wyoming. I did pretty good there last year and am trying again this year. One of the paintings I have just finished that I though about submitting is this oil painting, 12"x16" HEART MOUNTAIN.
December has been a pretty busy month for me. After the 2-Shot Show in Torrington I had Hernia surgery which put me out of commission for at least a week and I am still not back to full speed but I have been painting away in the studio. The gallery has closed down for the 3 month period January through March except by appointment. We will be reopening April 1st. My pardner, Tom is now in Arizona preparing for the Celebration In Fine Art Show which will run for 10 weeks. It is quite an experience and I hope at least by March to get down there myself. I will be working on a few Desert Landscapes in preparation for the trip down. I have been working on several pieces and have completed this painting from inspiration in the Trail Lake area south of Dubois. It is full of Glacial boulders and I have tried portraying one of these massive rocks with fresh fallen snow with the just breaking out sun hitting that snow in a burst of light. Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep frequent the area and I thought it fitting to include this Mule Deer buck with snow still clinging to his back. It is 12"x16" Oil Painting and if interested please contact me through the gallery at or my personal e-mail,