Sunday, September 19, 2010

This year they gave us 90 minutes to do our quick-draw which seemd like a long time when one is used to doing them in 45 or 60 minutes. So I got to do a lot more detail than usual. It auctioned for $2200.00 so maybe that was worth it. I was certainly happy with it.
We spent the better portion of the day then running into old artist friends and meeting new ones at all the gallery shows going on. Also took in the Miniature Show and the Western Visions show at the Wildlife Art Museum. Both great shows.
By sunset we were on Pacific Creek which has been closed off to all tent and pop-up campers due to Grizzly activity. We hiked along the stream bed until running across a very large grizzly track in a sand bar. Vicki declared the day over. And it was after a hamburger at the Hatchet Restaurant on the way home.
Yesterday was the annual Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival which I am always one of the Quick-draw artists. Here I am working away at my watercolor with gouache painting, TETON COLORS.