Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My river this morning is running a little high and angry. We are in the middle of Spring runoff and it is up to my yard. A natural occurance that would have most folks a little apprehensive but we have a saving grace here. The elevation. It gets cold at night and that acts as a natural control on the flow. This morning it is 30 degrees and with the rain yesterday afternoon my yard is ice covered. Even the rains here are cold rains and you can be assured that it is snow in the mountains which also acts as a great control. As the snow melts higher and higher during the season it is controlled even further as it gets colder and colder at those elevations.
Notice the line of leaves along the left side of the picture. You can tell the high water mark from the night befor as the highest occurs about 2-3:00 A M That is the time it takes for the snow melt from the previous day to reach us.
Spring is here though as within the last few days the leaves have come out on the trees and bushes and I even saw some tulips yesterday in some folks yards. The town deer will love that.