Wednesday, May 5, 2010

remember this painting? i have returned to it and believe me I have had several folks inquiring about what happened to it. I got really busy with gallery opening and several trips and to tell you the truth it was bugging me and I put it up for a while. I showed it as it was to a collector the other day and she has shown a serious interest in it so that is encouragement enough to finish it up. Today, after finally getting the Gallery heated up with the wood stove[it was 16 degrees this morning and by noon light snow falling. That is the third day in a row that is happening.]I got back to this and worked on the top 4 deer and begun on the buck.
Folks are beginning to think we missed spring and summer and are back into Fall.I have just returned home and the snow is falling heavier and accumulating. Yesterday it was 20 degrees with 60 mph wind and snow falling for about 2 hours. Nasty. They closed the pass.

Last week I began this Oil Painting by blocking in my painting on 1/4" Masonite with a wash. I have now begun painting in my detail and right away I am not too sure about the dead tree I wanted on the far left hand side. Will have to think about that.