Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finished. This is a gouache watercolor painting 15"x18 1/2". I chose to do a summer scene of Aspens, Boedicker Butte, which is a volcanic peak to the north of Dubois and wildflowers. Thought with the cold weather and snow we have been having this might be a peaceful diversity. In the background is one of my limited edition prints, Mountain Bluebirds. In addition to selling the quickdraw at auction I sold it as well. Also sold an Indian Paintbrush print. My auctioned piece went 2nd highest so must have been a good choice of subject. Is a long way home with rivers to cross and miles to go so we left about 9:30 and were home just befor midnight. A fun and productive evening.

The Riverton Winter Carnival was held this past saturday evening and in conjunction with many events was the Quick-Draw. 25 artists from the region all created a piece of art in a 45 minute time frame which were then auctioned off on a 70-30 split with the artists receiving 70%. It is a fun event though tedious and somewhat stressful for many. I have done so many of these over the years I find it great fun. Here I am nearing the end with final brush strokes. The crowd was great and very supportive of all the artists. There were some great pieces done.