Saturday, May 15, 2010

I will be packing for a trip into Colorado and southern Wyoming tomorrow. Changing out art in several galleries during most of this next week so today I spent a great deal of time painting on the three paintings I have going. Most of my time was on this East Fork Painting. I have continued on the detailing work and am feeling pretty good about it so far. Has been a struggle geting that bronzie-purple look to the willows that makes them appear as though they are on fire. When the sun hits them at this point befor or after leaves-they are captivating with their color.

I spent several hours working on my Deer Painting today. Continuing with detail work on the Buck and the three lower Does. I also worked more detail into the Sage brush on seft hand side. I am getting close to finishing it now.
the third painting that I worked on today. I had posted this painting's beginnings on an earlier post and have continued with detail work. I did take out the dead tree on the left side of the painting and am replacing it with this young Spruce. I am liking it a lot better now.