Monday, April 28, 2008

A year like this works pretty well for finding wildlife. Snow melt is late and wildlife are at a point where they are bottled up against the snow line waiting for warmer weather which will induce melting that offers them the chance to migrate into the high country. I went out this morning hoping to find some grizzlies north of town. There is a "lot" of snow yet and didn't expect to find this many elk. About 6 miles north of town I ran into the whole north herd. Better than 3,000 head. They were everywhere and I shot many pixs for reference in future paintings. No grizzlies spotted but this herd and watching them sure made the morning jaunt worthwhile. The road is sure in bad shape and will take some real maintenance once the snow melts out.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

After the success at photographing elk I can't resist going back out this morning with my pardner and artist friend Tom Lucas. We hit the jackpot with many elk and deer with great photo opportunities. Some fine material for paintings that is for sure. The scenery is awe-inspiring too. A truely great morning.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring remains elusive in our part of the country. It was 17 degrees this morning and barely above freezing yesterday. The river flowing past my studio wears a cloak of white. The only signs of spring are some of the migrant arrivals such as this fairly rare[for our area] White Faced Ibis' Osprey have returned and are fishing on the river. A grizzly was put down after causing havoc at the Bitterrrot Ranch N E of town and other grizzlies have made their presence known north of town. I have been watching about 40 head of elk just west of town and they are getting impatient with the slow progress of warmer weather. Just
waiting for the snow to begin melting so they can begin their trek into the high country.

The majority of construction work on the gallery is now finished so I am back to painting and my painting for the day is this 9"x12" Acrylic painting of late afternoon light filtering through this Aspen grove. If you are interested in this painting or any of the paintings listed on this site, please contact me through the Silver Sage Gallery at or email me at

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We have continued "being" carpenters and the new addition to the Silver Sage Gallery is really shaping up. The ceiling is now suspended and in place. Walls painted. Lights mostly up. And our back storage-work room finished. The front window displays are in and have received excellent comments from the general public. Our landlord has finished the outside log canopy. Awaiting carpet which we hope to be soon. Have even hung some art work on the new walls. We are really happy with the way things have shaped up. From picture at left, is the new addition looking into the gallery as well as the picture at upper right. Bottom right photo is looking into the new addition from the existing gallery.

My painting for the day is this 5"x8" Acrylic painting of the Grand Teton from across Jackson Hole.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here is my Painting-A-Day
for today. It is a 6"x6 1/2" watercolor of the Pinnacles as viewed from the Moccasin Basin area west of Dubois, Wyoming. The days last light has cast a mystical haze over the volcanic peaks. Early fall has painted the willows along the Wind River, just a small stream at this point, a dull orange with purple shadows.
This painting is available. Please contact me at or

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

After nearly three weeks playing carpenter I am back to painting and adding to my daily paintings ritual. This is a 6 1/2"x8" watercolor painting of cottonwoods from over in Jackson Hole from my research last fall.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our gallery remodeling continues with my pardners and myself putting in many hours to accomplish our project befor the real season begins. Usually by May 1. We have installed 2 window displays faced with old barnwood and lighted from above. Doors need to be put on yet and log facing but we are excited with the way it is shaping up
. The girls are nearly finished with painting on walls and we have a number of small projects yet to finish. The ceiling is to be installed next weekend and carpeting is ordered.

I have just received word that my Acrylic painting, Indian Paintbrush, 11"x14" has been chosen for an illustration in the upcoming cookbook produced by the Casper Star Tribune, Wyomings newspaper. The book will feature art and photography by some of the top artists in the state

Sunday, April 6, 2008

After 2 years of prompting our landlord is building an awning with log supports that will extend from our gallery and the Drug Store next door. It will be a grat addition and fits into the other overhang log awnings up and down the main street. Along with the towns boardwalks and false fronts it is a real draw to the visitor. The tourists and Dude ranch enthusiasts fall in love with our little town and this will be even more for them to talk about. I'll post another pix when it is completed along with our project. We are also planning to put in two shadow box displays in the windows yet this spring. It is definitely cutting into our painting time but going to be well worth it.

The other wing wall with Tom Lucas, my pardners art work displayed. We think it is a nice addition to the gallery this spring.

I built 2 six foot wings onto the side of the gallery this spring. My Arizona painting Saguaro Sunset shows off quite nicely on the wing wall
My painting for the day is this 6"x9" watercolor of Fall Aspens. There are a million scenes such as this in our area during fall and I never tire of painting them. If you are interested in this painting please contact me through or my e-mail at
I have been busy along with my pardners in the Silver Sage Gallery here in Dubois, Wyoming with a major remodeling project. This spring we added 2 new wing walls and acquired the back garage area we are now turning into Gallery space. This is a view of "In progress construction" looking towards the existing gallery. We started the gallery 2 years ago and it has been a fun and worthwhile venture. There are 4 artists in this adventure along with some consigned work. Besides myself there is Bud Boler, who does sculpture and is an extraordinare artist. If you have ever been in Jackson, Wyoming, Buds bronze of the bucking horse adorns the town square there. Tom Lucas is not only a great painter of indian still lifes but is also a master at recreating indian artifacts. Some of which could be considered a lost art. Check out Tom's blog site at Chris Phelps does the most amazing silver and turquois jewelry of her own design and is even featured on the World Trade Center website. She also does some great bronze work. Dubois is an amazing place with a number of nationally known artists, writers and photographers

Saturday, April 5, 2008

This is my addition from my Painting a day project. It is a 6"x8" watercolor of Two Ocean Peak and Blackrock Creek which flows west from the continental divide west of Dubois. Wyoming eventually emptying into the Buffalo River and then the Snake River in Jackson Hole. It can be great fishing.
I have been sidelined the last week on my painting projects as I am busy doing a major remodel project on my little Gallery in Dubois in anticipation[regardless of the upcoming forcast of a recession]of a great summer season.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My painting for today is this 9"x12" Oil Painting of the Grand Canyon, GRAND CANYON SNOW SQUALLS. This time of year is a favorite of mine to be in the southwest Canyon country. Magnificent spring showers which can consist of snow, rain, sleet, and hail all within several minutes of each other interspersed with brilliant sunlight and cloud effects that defy description.
If you are interested in this painting-please contact me through my website, or e-mail me at