Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am back to work on my Great Horned Owl. 18"x24" Oil Painting. Working now on the Spruce boughs.
I have been away from my blog a few days and contrary to what some believe. I have not been swept away nor is my house now a house boat floating on its way to Boysen Reservoir 100 miles downstream. There are a number of my blogger friends including my own mother who are inquiring about that. Guess I had better give her a call today.
The gallery has kept me busy and another framing project and a day for a trip to Lander and the dentist[ouch]That is a 150 mile round trip but affords and opportunity to get groceries and such.
I have to make another trip this time to Riverton, Wyoming tomorrow where I will do a painting in a several hour period for PBS [Public Broadcasting T V]who are running a fund raising event and will be featuring me and my painting. The painting I will be doing will be offered for bid during the evening. We get a room at the Holiday Inn for our endeavors so won't have to return to Dubois late at night.
I also will be in Casper, Wyoming on July 7, for a ribbon cutting ceremony to dedicate a new building at the Central Wyoming Rodeo and Fair grounds. It is a wing built for 4-H kids and they are featuring my art work on a large sign at the building. Guess the event will include putting me in a cherry picker and hoisting me up to the sign to sign my name and of course some recognition for the art endeavors. Will be fun anyway.
Got news yesterday that a grizzly had been strolling the hill above my house. Word was they live trapped it and he now lives just south of Yellowstone. Last time we heard that kind of story was when a Grizz had gotten into the neighbors cat food down the river and suposedly trapped it on a certain night that my sister was staying with us and sleeping out in her camper shell. That proved to be eronious as it was not trapped untill several nights later. At that same neighbors house.