Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This morning sunrise found me climbing up to a low pass between Bear Creek and the Wiggins Fork River seen in this shot coursing its way through pure wilderness. Under threatening skies all morning I traipsed this area along with a hike along Bear Creek itself. Fighting through old growth Spruce, Cottonwoods, Alders and Western Red Birch. But a great source of exercise. Great Grizzly country too.
Last sunday Vicki and I took off for the northern Teton National Park as well as the Lewis River area of southern Yellowstone. Doing a little research for upcoming paintings. The posted Lewis River Bull is one of the resuts of this excursion. This is the Lewis Falls from beside and above. It was a rather trecherous trail with snow and ice. But what a beautiful waterfall and what a beautiful river the Lewis River is.
This is another smaller painting I did from sketches done last winter. It is a scene from above Togwotee Lodge. It is a 8"x16" Acrylic painting on canvas.
This is another recently completed painting I have done. Torrey Creek is a 14"x18" Oil painting. If interested in this or any others contact me through Silversage
This 8"x10" Acrylic painting is another I have entered in the miniature show.
I have entered 5 paintings in an upcoming miniature show. One is the Oregon Grape that I have posted here earlier. Another is this gouache watercolor painting, Lewis River Bull. It is 6'x14.5"