Thursday, February 3, 2011

From my desk looking toward the stair railing. Unfinished paintings lined up on the side and2 of my saddles on the rail. The one with the lariat I inherited from my grandfather and have had and used since I was a kid. It is an old Association saddle with the high cantle and deep swells. I love it. It is probably close to 100 years old.
Hanging on the stairway is a Moose hide and there is an elk hide on the stair railing.
This is the view across my library-lounge area. 2 paintings in progress are on the easles. I have a desk on the near side and a round coffee table wih several magazines and books as well as some of the books and magazines I have illustrated or have illustrations in as well as magazines carrying biographical stories on my self. This whole area is carpeted which makes it comfortable

Continuing my studio tour
This is a large counter top where I can lay out projects for paintings in the planning stages. It overhangs more paper storage and I have the TV on the top left that I can swivel to watch from either end. Beyond is my Library and witting area wher I can set painting on several easles to contemplate. I usually have an easy chair to sit in but it is at the Gallery. I need to bring it back home. The staiway is to the right coming up from below. Notice my overhead light that I received from an artist friend of mine from New Mexico. I have three of those on the studio ceiling and also have them in my three bedrooms and the living room as lamps. They are all works of art. At back is the picture window looking out to the east at the river and front yard below