Friday, June 25, 2010

My pardner, Tom Lucas, the master indian craft artist showing off his skills with Obsidian and explaining to a gathering of folks how to go from rock to arrowhead.
I have pretty well finished my Gouache Watercolor on Arches 300# Hot press paper. I see a few things to work over but it is essentially finished. It is 13.5"x21.5" image size.
It has turned warm in Dubois and even a little hot in the gallery painting in the window. 81 degrees today. Lots of folks in and we got to meet and visit with many who seem to love watching Tom and myself painting away and trading barbs at one another. We both love doing it. Tom even held an impromptu session out the back door napping arrowheads this evening. That was an attention getter and it wasn't long befor a pretty good crowd had discovered what was going on and trapsed through the gallery and out the back door to watch the master at work.